Tiji Festival of upper Mustang is a unique cultural event started centuries ago while the area was independent kingdom of Lo people. It’s the festival known as chasing away demons or bad spirits from the walled city of Lomanthang. The festival takes place in the month of April or May every year based on lunar calendar of Tibetan tradition. You can witness this beautiful festival along with cultural display of the Mustang People. The trip is combined with exhilarating trek to upper Mustang and Lomanthang the capital of old Mustang Kingdom and the center where the event takes place. Next year three day’s Tiji festival is taking place on 17 to 19 May, 2022. We already have few people showing interest for the trek starting in Kathmandu 09 May and ending on 23 May 2022. If your holidays meet these dates and interested to be in the Himalaya on an special occasion, join with excellent local guide to experience the difference than many other travelers.

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