Yes We Are Different!

Three Jewels Adventures is another name for a small team of devoted local trekking guides, climbing guides, cultural trip guides and mangers.  Their devotion is not limited only to sell trips and make their living but at the same time they care and consciously implement the norms and disciplines of eco-friendly and sustainable tourism in the destinations they trek and climb with their clients.

For the purpose of sharing benefits of tourism Three Jewels is probably one of the few agencies not associated to big NGOs or volunteer business like most others.  Our care, devotion and action of sharing the benefit of what we do is reflected on ours (and some of our clients’) direct involvement in various volunteer works in different parts of the trekking / climbing places.  

All positive feedbacks from our clients, many of them published in online travel advisory type sources like Trip Advisor, Fodor, Facebook and online travel forums clarify the fact.  If you are interested to see your lifetime experience in the Himalaya turned into beautiful reality with a help of local experts then possibly you have come to connect with right team.  

PS.  You may want to know what Three Jewels means by the way.  It is a term that’s known as ‘tri ratna’ in Sanskrit or three sublime jewels in Buddhism which are – The Buddha, The Dharma (Teachings of Buddha) and Sangha (the Buddhist Teachers / Followers).  However, there are many three special things associated to Nepali culture. For example the Hindus have three supreme gods – Bramha (creator), Vishnu (care taker or protector) and Shiva (destroyer of all illusions).  Likewise, Nepal geographically is set in three divisions: High altitude great Himalaya, middle hills or lesser Himalaya and Tarai or Southern flat land home of every friendly and culturally rich people representing Jewels in many ways!

Our company logo (below) simply formed in single color of Blue represents the Three Jewels entwined culturally and geographically in three layers which is shown raised towards the top of the world or the Himalaya.  Likewise our slogan ‘Discover the Himalaya, Rediscover Yourself’ aims to encourage our clients to wide open their eyes not limited to dramatic mountain views but towards slightly hidden beauties which can be found in temples, shrines, stones and life of each Nepali people and settlements they encounter during the course of their journey in here.

Discover the Himalaya; Rediscover Yourself.